Quickie: Twisted Wonderland’s Rudy Klown Soap

I normally avoid bar soap; it’s so drying and, even though I almost always slather on lotion afterwards, I just don’t like that weird squeaky clean feeling that most soap bars leave behind.

However — I couldn’t avoid using the Twisted Wonderland Rudy Klown soap from my Nightshade’s Cellar box.

Quickie thoughts:

  • Super fun and well-finished; the micas are painted on perfectly and add a bit of fun color to the lather.
  • It also smells delicious! The soap is made in Twisted Wonderland’s Killer Klowns fragrance which is “blue raspberry slush, cherry slush, & wafts of cotton candy in the background.” It’s very fragrant and smells just like a snow cone.
  • So much scent packed into the bar. Yes, please!
  • I used it with a regular bath puff and holy lather, y’all! The lather is super dense and fluffy and soft.
  • Leaves that squeaky clean feeling but it’s not as drying as most other soap bars, which was a huge surprise for me. Slightly drying but my skin balanced out not long after and I didn’t feel uncomfortable.