Nightshade’s Cellar: Carnival de Noir box

A little over a month ago, I purchased the first subscription box from Nightshade’s Cellar; I had been following them on Instagram for a little while, intrigued by the fun horror-themed bath bombs that seems to be their signature product.  The theme looked fun — Carnival de Noir — and a lot of great vendors were participating! As a pre-order and as with most indie cosmetic products, I expected to wait, which is no big deal.

And then, they announced a second box.  And opened a pre-order.  And said that the second box would be shipping soon.

But wait! What about the first box?

I emailed the seller: “I’m wondering if there is an anticipated ship date for this? I saw the second box is already out but I was hoping to have my first one in hand before ordering another one.”

Their response?  “Oh, I feel you. The second box is actually shipping this week and next.”

… okay.

LONG STORY SHORT, my box just arrived today — and I’m so conflicted.

On the one hand, the items themselves seem pretty stellar:


Deep Sigh.

The way this box was packaged left a lot to be desired. It all shipped in a medium flat rate box; the actual Carnival de Noir box was a black box inside of it, one of those cute build-it-yourself heavy cardstock kinds with handles.  One bath bomb was loosely wrapped in bubble wrap outside of the black box and is pretty shattered, although not completely. The black box itself was ripped at all four of the seams. The second bath bomb was tucked into a padded mailer with minimal shattering. Everything else was kind of shoved inside the black box.

Maybe I’ve been spoiled by Witch Baby Soap’s quarterly Spell Boxes, which are beautifully packaged and well padded, but this just seemed so thoughtless? haphazard?

I know I’ll enjoy using the products; it’s just a shame that they arrived how they did.

  • Virginia Morris Cox

    I have ordered from the other vendors and they always ship within a reasonable amount if time. My friend won a gift from her on Instagram filled with items from the other vendors. It took a month to get it and she lied to her several times and blamed it on the other vendors. Very unprofessional! It was a gift but you should not lie to your customers. Be straightforward and real. I will never order from her and if I see anything in the box that I like then I will order it straight from that vendor.

    • Whoa, that’s unfortunate for your friend! I’m glad she got her goodies in the end.

      I feel the same way as far as ordering directly from the vendors. The items are definitely cute and I’m enjoying what I’ve tried so far but it was definitely not worth the hassle of getting my hands on them and the disappointment of ripped packaging and less-than-pristine items.

  • I know this post is several months old, but in case you haven’t purchased from this shop since – nothing has changed. I purchased a box in February, a shipping label was created in early April, and that’s about it. No updates. Weather and illness blamed for non-delivery. Box in question never mentioned via Instagram again, as her wall is flooded with at least half a dozen new box themes and reminders that she does layaway. I’ve opened a claim with PayPal; I don’t know how no one is calling her out on this behavior!