Quick Shot: ILNP Cozy Mittens

As a lifelong fan of OPI and China Glaze, I delved into the world of indie nail polishes which turned out to be a very long, very deep rabbit hole. Duochrome, holo sparkles, flakies, shimmer, thermals, solars… it’s endless and there are some truly lovely and unique colors out there!

ILNP is one of my go-to brands for flakies and holo nail polishes.  In addition to all sorts of fun colors and effects, the polishes have great wear for me; I am that person who chips nail polish in hours, no matter what top coat or base coat combination. I can get at least a few days out of these, which works for me since I like to change it up.

I’ve been wearing Cozy Mittens from the Winter 2015 collection. The official description: “The primary color of Cozy Mittens is a light grey; however, in certain types of lighting the added gold flakes really assert themselves and push the overall hue of the polish towards a soft champagne.” To me, it’s a lovely mix of a soft silvery gray with a gold sheen and gold flakes with finely-milled holographic sparkles; it makes me think of oysters for some reason. It’s neutral enough to get away with at the office but still fun and a little different! The polish itself is thin and hard, not at all chunky or gritty.

It’s a little hard for me to capture on a rainy day but the gold sheen is very present in person; you can see it beautifully in the bottle!

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