Scents of the Week: 07/10 – 07/14 (2017)

Tuesday, 7/11

Strawberries Crave Nyx (Strawberries Crave, 2017): Drunken honey, lavender-laced mallow, soft amber, night musk, and hints of strawberry and nectarine.
Honey, amber, a hint of lavender. The nectarine and strawberry blend into a lush, dark berry note. The musk makes me think of dark blue; it’s a little atmospheric, a little salty, a little powdery.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Wednesday, 7/12

Arcana Queen Crossbones (Arcana Classic, 2017): The adventurous scents of a pirate queen’s far-flung travels: creamy Egyptian musk, wild honey, sweet coconut, and exotic resins. Because a bad attitude and a stolen galleon will get you everywhere.
At first, I get slightly bitter sticky resins and musk. There is a slight creaminess. The honey eventually comes out to play; it’s not like a realistic honey from a jar but a softer, creamier honey. This is not super girlie but more of a bad ass been-around-the-world scent, very fitting for a pirate queen. It settles into a sharp, tangy honeyed scent that’s a bit outside my normal range but quite lovely!
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Arcana Peaches Crave Beaches (Peaches Crave, 2017): Green bamboo, coconut, vanilla musk, citron, lemongrass, bergamot, and dewy peach flesh.
Fuzzy juicy peach skin and a citrus tropical blend with a hint of coconut.  There’s a cool watery green in the background that must be bamboo.  I like that this is not too sweet, nor is it another “tropical cocktail!” scent; I tend to like those but this has a slight twist to it that makes me happy.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!