Scents of the Week: 07/03 – 07/07 (2017)

The light at the end of the tunnel!

I’ll post my thoughts on the perfume challenge soon…

Monday, 07/03

Arcana Strawberries Crave Rococo (Cravings 2015): Tiny strawberries with Madagascar vanilla, Tahitian vanilla, apricot, white musk, and skin musk.
Apricot and strawberries, light pale musk, hint of vanillas. Vaguely soapy. It kind of reminds me of a toned down HOG Imp with a bit more of a strawberry note. Do I need this? Probably not. If your skin loves vanilla though, you would probably enjoy this!
Verdict: TOSSING IT!

Arcana Straightjacket (Halloween 2009): Tahitian vanilla, pumpkin flesh, ginger custard, breadfruit, and hints of tonka bean, mango, and cinnamon.
Decadent pumpkin flan — loads of cinnamon, vanilla, and pumpkin
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

2 Finger Ballet (Meow Collection 2015): A delicate blend of French vanilla creme, white amber, sugared vanilla beans, caramel, and the smallest dab of opium.
Heavy dense vanilla lights up with the amber. A caramel note opens up on drydown. There’s something slightly bitter/resinous, maybe the opium. It turns into a slightly sour vanilla/caramel cake note.
Verdict: TOSSING IT!

Arcana 3 Finger Ballet (Prynne Part II – Valentine’s 2016): A delicate blend of French vanilla creme, white amber, sugared vanilla beans, caramel, and the smallest dab of opium.
Similar to 2 Finger Ballet but a little less sweet: Heavy dense vanilla lights up with the amber. A caramel note opens up on drydown. There’s something slightly bitter/resinous, maybe the opium. The vanilla is better anchored on my skin and, while it doesn’t stick around quote as much, it’s still lingering in the background.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Arcana Clickbait (Hallowe’en 2016): An unfortunate fact of modern life. Arcana’s Yellow Cake accord with freshly popped popcorn, dramatic red raspberry, sweet strawberry, cream soda, pamplemousse, a hint of oudh, and plenty of hyperbole.
There’s so much going on in this one! If I sniff deeply enough, I can almost pick out each of the elements but overall, it smells like a grapefruit berry soda, like the fancy ones you get at Whole Foods, served with a slice of cake. It’s fruity and interesting! I also love the Villainess Whipped lotion version of this.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Arcana Delphinus (Summer Constellation 2015): Peach sorbet, sugared coconut milk, and a tiny drop of Key lime.
BEACHY! Sweet candied peach, coconut milk, hint of tart lime. Overall, it smells like a fun beach cocktail.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Tuesday, 07/04

Arcana Gigelorum (The Grotesquerie Collection: Monsters and Marvels 2015): The smallest Scottish beastie in existence. Cider, winesap apples, myrrh, oakmoss, black pepper, citron, and patchouli.
Surprisingly refreshing. Apple + pepper + citron + patchouli upfront. Peppery sharpness comes out. It has the crispness of being outdoors in autumn just before winter… or at least what I imagine that is. (Florida gal here!) Reminiscent of men’s cologne, mmmm.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Arcana Jabberwocking (Meow Collection 2015): Fresh gingerroot with ginger grass, strawberry, satsuma, raspberry, ruby grapefruit, apricot, chai, and green musk
Ginger and fruit! Rich, ripe fruit basket. Chai notes float in the background but are not very strong. It smells like a fresh-made juice from a juice bar. There’s a slight candied element to the fruits, adding some playfulness.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Arcana Astrid’s Diadem (Queens of Snow & Air 2013): The Queen of Air’s regalia. A bright sparkler of Madagascar vanilla, Bourbon vanilla, sugared lavender creme, citron, lemongrass, peppermint, and a touch of stately patchouli.
Peppermint, citrus, lavender. Hints of vanilla and patchouli. This is bright and minty but a little sweet.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Arcana Poison Candy (Halloween 2015): Ripe pink strawberries are tainted with musky ambrette seed, pure cassia, rich cream, cinnamon sugar, honey, copaiba, and wild oat extract.
Sweet overripe strawberries, cinnamon milk, some sort of a musk. It’s slightly plasticky.
Verdict: TOSSING IT!

Arcana The Kraken (Sunken Lyonesse 2015): Gorgeous smoked vanilla, black vanilla, saltwater, China musk, and black musk.
Slightly spicy musk, salt water, sweet and smoky vanilla. There’s a “black” note to it, something dark, almost like neroli. Bright and tangy with a smooth vanilla background. Slightly masculine in a good way.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Arcana Rota Fortunae (Indie Memory Box 2015): Rich, smokey oudh and Comice pears are topped with sweet clouds of Russian tea cakes, marshmallows, Bourbon vanilla, Tahitian vanilla, and sugarcane
Complex! Sweet pears, a slight baked goods note (like cake), a hint of incense. It’s not cloying. The prominent note is definitely pear. It’s like… a pear cake dessert at an exotic cafe, maybe near a spice market.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Wednesday, 07/05

Arcana Fairy Cake (Valentine’s 2017): A sprightly, pretty mix of two golden cakes, lush fig, apple peel, buttery lavender absolute, and carnation petals.
Apple peel, lavender, a bit of cake. Carnation comes out at the back end as it dries. This is fruity and bright with a slight touch of bitterness.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Arcana Pretty Lollies (Exclusive – Pretty Indulgent): Pomegranate, sparkling citron, pearl musk, pink musk, sweet milk, ylang ylang, vanilla, and a hint of peppermint.
Milky, spicy, musky, with a candy peppermint. It almost smells like creamy patchouli without all the dirt. There’s a bright sparkle to it!
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Arcana Strawberries Crave Terror (Ravenous II 2015): Deep red strawberries and Holy Terror (burning frankincense, sandalwood, deep myrrh, and dusty beeswax candles).
Strawberries, frankincense, myrrh. Tart slightly sour cedar-like note, slightly smoky, mingling with strawberry. The strawberry mellows out. I wonder how this compares to Strawberries Crave Incense. (Note: I tested Strawberries Crave Incense the next day; I decided to keep that over Strawberries Crave Terror.)
Verdict: TOSSING IT!

Arcana Princess Minnie (Limited Release 2015): Pink birthday cake with vanilla frosting, cassis berries, sugar cookies, pink musk, and pearl musk.
Cake and frosting, some berries, and a bit of salty pearl musk. Feminine and pretty! Also, how could you not love the backstory to this perfume??
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Arcana Woke Up Like This (Hallowe’en 2016 GWP): Beware the mummy’s curse! A deep, dangerous heart of ancient labdanum, kyphi, dark amber attar, and black musk is cushioned with white Egyptian vanilla and sweet mallow root.
Sharp kyphi, a little sweet, mellowed by vanilla notes. I don’t think I need this and Arcana Odalisque even though this is “drier.”
Verdict: TOSSING IT!

Arcana The Moonflower’s Bliss (Autumn 2016): Happiness under a starless sky: moon vine, heartleaf milkweed, Calla lily, white tuberose, gardenia, and Madagascar bridal veil with creamy butter CO2 extract, pearl musk, white pepper, and a trace of incense.
Creamy white floral. Lily and gardenia are most recognizable to me. There’s some musk that lifts the florals up. It’s a full heady floral scent with a touch of buttery creaminess.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!


Thursday, 07/06

Arcana Fluffing the Bunny (Meow Collection 2016 re-release): Madagascar vanilla, Tahitian vanilla, apricot, white musk, skin musk, and a tiny tickle of mint.
Very soft and gentle. A bit of mint, delicate musk, jammy apricot mixed into a gourmet vanilla. The mint is a nice break from an otherwise creamy perfume. The vanilla and mint both fade into the background a bit and make way for the musks. After a little while, this is like a “my skin but better” scent.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Arcana Strawberries Crave Indulgence (Cravings 2015 – Exclusive – Pretty Indulgent): French vanilla, white amber, sugared vanilla beans, caramel, lady finger cookies, opium, strawberry creme, and the faintest whiff of tobacco.
Strawberries and cream at first. An amber-tinged caramel comes out, similar to the Finger Ballet perfumes. There’s a hint of sweet baked goods that plays into the light tobacco note. Overall: it’s not super strawberry-forward. I don’t need this and 3 Finger Ballet.
Verdict: TOSSING IT!

Arcana Apples Crave Terror (Ravenous II 2015): Holy Terror (burning frankincense, sandalwood, deep myrrh, and dusty beeswax candles), ice-cold apples, and an extra shot of smoky frankincense.
Chilled apples and apple skin mingled with Holy Terror. The refreshing apple contrasts nicely with Holy Terror. It’s a little woodsy, a little smoky, a little lemony, accented by the apple.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Strawberries Crave Incense (Cravings 2015): Burning frankincense and myrrh, rich red musk, and fraises des bois.
Strawberries + dark sexy incense. Slightly smoky, reminds me of clove. The strawberry is darker and jammier than in Strawberries Crave Terror. A little sweet to balance the incense notes.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Arcana Sullen Courts of Sleep (Halloween 2015): A tenebrous blend of amber resin, coconut milk, skin musk, and French cognac.
Soft and subtle. My skin but better with a hint of coconut. Sticky bitter resin. Boozy cognac. It’s lovely but very simple. Would work well as a linen spray or hair scent.
Verdict: KEEPING IT! But using it as something else.

Arcana Marble Flowers (Sunken Lyonesse 2015): Opulent tuberose petals, neroli, sheer bergamot, white amber, pearl musk, and white cognac absolute.
Incredibly floral on a backdrop of amber and pearl musk. There’s almost a soapy note to it. It borders on being old lady-ish but the florals are very realistic and fresh. Very strong with a lot of throw. Great for super girlie spring day.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!


Friday, 07/07

Arcana Strawberries Crave Helios (Resurrection 2017): Strawberry jam with juicy blackberries, lemonade, limeade, and pure white amber.
Strawberry lemonade with a splash of lime. The blackberries add a nice dark berry note. White amber fills out the back end of the perfume.
Verdict: KEEPING IT! 

Arcana Strawberries Crave Waterfalls (Resurrection 2017): Rain, woodland strawberries, fresh water, petitgrain, osmanthus, clover, and smooth amber.
Lovely rain note that leans sweet, a hint of strawberries, and a touch of something green. Amber adds volume to the scent; it’s not a smoky amber but a very light amber. This kind of reminds me of Smelly Yeti Princess Jellyfish but a bit sweeter and less… jammier?
Verdict: KEEPING IT! 

Arcana Little Man in the Boat (Valentine’s 2014): Peach nectar and delicate musk dripping with Tupelo honey, Clover honey, and one dainty tuberose petal.
A soft sweet peach note upfront. Realistic honey in the background. There is just the faintest hint of a floral. This is by far my favorite honey-based scent! (I’ve been hoarding the scrub I purchased from Pretty Indulgent awhile back. It’s so good.)
Verdict: KEEPING IT! 

Arcana Piscis Australis (Summer Constellation 2015): A clean, airy handful of acacia blossoms, neroli, tuberose, asphodel, and native gardenia petals are scattered over banana fruit and white amber.
Clean tropical florals over banana. I get gardenia the most out of all the notes.  Who knew banana would work so well with flowers?? (Aside from Julia, who is one of the many perfume wizards I admire.)
Verdict: KEEPING IT! 

Arcana Red Giant (Arcana Classic): A radiant, stellar blend of brightest sweet orange, toasted pumpkin, warm cinnamon, lemongrass, yuzu, pink grapefruit, white grapefruit, and sparkling bergamot.
Warm, creamy, and spicy at first with pumpkin, orange, cinnamon. The citrus notes are not dominant but add some lightness and zest to otherwise rich and decadent notes. It gives the impression of a warm red glow, so I’d say this is pretty accurate!
Verdict: KEEPING IT! 

Arcana Vanilla Craves Terror (Cravings 2015): Creamy vanilla with Arcana’s Holy Terror (burning frankincense, sandalwood, deep myrrh, and dusty beeswax candles).
Unf. Exactly as described. This is slightly sweet creamy vanilla paired beautifully with Holy Terror — easily my favorite HT blend and my favorite vanilla.
Verdict: KEEPING IT! 

Arcana Ruby Crow (Hallowe’en 2016): A folkloric mash of red raspberry, steam-distilled lime, honey, cream, blue Egyptian chamomile, beeswax, and a pinch of lemon.
This has aged nicely. I get fresh raspberries, perfectly ripe and in season, with some lime. There’s a creamy chamomile note. My mental image: enjoying a fresh cup of chamomile tea with milk and a bowl of fresh berries spritzed with citrus.
Verdict: KEEPING IT! 

Arcana Nereids (Sunken Lyonesse 2015): Shimmering water, sweet apples, Tiare, rain, pink jasmine, green musk, and wildflowers.
Aquatic floral and sweet juicy red apples. This is clean but fruity.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!