Scents of the Week: 06/12 – 06/16 (2017)

This week is mostly focusing on Sixteen92.  I love how complex and unique the scents are, even though a lot of them don’t work for me. (I also dislike violet and jasmine, which seems to be a common thing for the brand.)  The aesthetic is lovely and, when I do find a Sixteen92 perfume that I like, it’s generally really good.  Sixteen92 also really stands out to me as having some realistic notes, even if they’re a bit more off-the-wall: tarnished silver, blown-out birthday candles, and maraschino cherry come to mind.

I also started going through my Haus of Gloi collection.  This is one of the brands I discovered early on and have gone through quite a few of their bath and body products.  They were a staple for awhile but I eventually started shopping there less often due to the madness around each release.  They make some great products though and the customer service is spot on!

Monday, 06/12

Sixteen92 Bourbon Apple Cider (Holiday 2015): Warm spiced cider spiked with Kentucky bourbon and drizzled with buttery caramel.
This isn’t a very complex scent but it’s a good staple one.  Honestly, the apple cider part of it is something I’ve smelled a dozen times before; Black Violet’s Bavarian Apfel Cider and SoCo’s Fayetteville Fall are almost identical to this.  It’s a very fresh and realistic apple scent; you can even smell some of the bitter apple peel. The spices aren’t overwhelming but enough to scream FAAAAALLLLL! I like the addition of the caramel/bourbon notes; it adds a cozy warmth to the apple. Again, not a blow-your-mind scent but my favorite of the apple cider ones so far.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Sixteen92 Toasted Marshmallow (Holiday 2015): Gooey marshmallows lightly toasted over a campfire.
While I think this may not age as well as I want it to, I still really like it.  There’s a slightly plasticky note but this smells exactly like a Rice Krispies treat. I don’t think it’s quite the ooey gooey toasted marshmallow scent but… I love Rice Krispies treats.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Sixteen92 That One Time At Your Friend’s Birthday That Girl Fell Into the Cake Table and There Was Frosting Everywhere (Anniversary 2016): Melted vanilla ice cream sundaes drizzled with caramel, smashed birthday cake, smeared frosting, discarded wrapping paper, blown-out birthday candles.
When I first applied this, I loved it.  I looooved it.  It was the cake perfume I’d always dreamed of — vanilla cake and caramel that wasn’t too cloying! The blown-out birthday candle isn’t a lie; there’s a waxy, slightly acrid scent that really does smell like a candle that’s just been blown out. (Claire, the genius behind Sixteen92, is a magician, I swear.) But then skin chemistry stepped in and was like, “Whoa, you love this too much!” The vanilla disappeared within five minutes and all that was left was a faint trace of caramel and a lot of the candle. I’m so sadface about this.
Verdict: TOSSING IT! (and sobbing the whole time)

Sixteen92 Last Exit for the Lost (Fall 2015):Orchard apples, woven wood baskets, dried hay, distant chimney smoke on cool air.
I love fall scents that step outside the pumpkin patch / spiced apple routine.  I’ve never been but this is what I imagine fall in New England smells like: hay, fresh green apples, a bit of sweet smokiness, and a light woodsy note. It’s not overly fruity and maintains a slight bit of sweetness. The smoke note amps up after about 5 minutes but… it’s actually nice. And I normally hate smoke notes. SEE? MAGICIAN.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Sixteen92 La Llorena (General Catalog): Bulgarian and Egyptian rose absolute, pink and white pepper, pink grapefruit, wisteria, cashmere wood, pale amber.
Oh look, steen has a perfume with rose and amber notes, what a shock. This has a decidedly green note to it that I really love.  It’s like huffing a bouquet of roses fresh off the bush, damp with dew and sunshine.  I typically avoid any sort of pepper but it actually works really well with the rose note.  The grapefruit adds a bit of zesty bitterness that freshens it up.  I adore this!
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Tuesday, 06/13

Sixteen92 Boardwalk (AFK Cosmetics Christmas in July Advent Box 2015): Coconut pulp, coconut milk, Coppertone, sand, sea breeze, driftwood, melted vanilla ice cream cone, sticky cotton candy.
This was originally part of the 2015 Christmas in July Advent Box coordinated by Dena of AFK Cosmetics; Sixteen92 wound up re-releasing it due to its popularity.  I actually have two of these, so you can already guess what my thoughts are… I get coconut, a bit of sunscreen, vanilla cream, a light driftwood note, and sugary cotton candy at the very back end. Not super sweet, well balanced with the “beach” notes. Sunscreen is thankfully not heavy; growing up on the Gulf Coast of Florida, I’ve developed a bit of an aversion to that sunscreen smell. In a general sniff, this comes off as a vanilla coconut milkshake at the beach.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Sixteen92 You Who Swallowed a Falling Star (AFK Cosmetics Christmas in July Advent Box 2016): Dark stone fruits, glowing embers, night rose, sweet sandalwood, plum blossom.
Dark powdery floral like jasmine but less tangy and without turning into dirty diaper smell. Heady rose, not fresh, but maybe ones that have been blooming for awhile. Sandalwood. Something “hot” and sharp. This makes me think of a sultry woman at night! There’s a bit of a fruity sweetness to it. This perfume throws me for a loop.  Generally, when I test something, I know whether or not I like it and how much.  This… I legitimately cannot decide.  It’s not an immediate “omg I need this forever” but I also can’t quite bring myself to dismiss it either. So, I’m going to keep it for retesting.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!… for now

Wednesday, 06/14

Sixteen92 Doll Parts (Summer 2016): Rhubarb, white cake, white peach, cassis, osmanthus, ginger flower.
Tart rhubarb and peach layered over cake with a light floral edge. Very bright and fruity! It’s simple but fun.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Sixteen92 Paper Moon (Summer 2015): Soft vanilla musk, benzoin, oakmoss, trailing ivy, peach blossom, rose.
Delicate vanilla musk, moss and ivy with a tiny hint of rose. Very light. I like this but don’t reach for it often. It’s a bit greener than I normally wear.
Verdict: TOSSING IT!

Thursday, 06/15

I kind of went on a testing binge. I like trying things on while I’m watching TV or playing WoW…

Sixteen92 New Radio (Summer 2016): Vanilla milkshake accord, maraschino cherry, pink lemonade, grass clippings, waffle cone. Sweet vanilla cream, a bit of maraschino cherry, waffle cone — just like an ice cream shop. Lemonade and grass are at the back end adding some brightness. This is a small town on a sunny day!
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Sixteen92 My Whole Life is a Dark Room (Hello Waffle Visage Oct 2016): Datura, opium poppy, funeral flowers, black clove, caramel, pale musk, attic wood (Beetlejuice).
Clove and caramel up front but they fade quickly on me. The wood and florals then come out but there’s something in this that smells like salive; I know, I know, you’re probably like WTF but it’s the only way I can describe it! Witch Baby’s Graveyard scrub and lotion does this too, although the bath bomb doesn’t. This was a bit of a disappointment since I did quite like this when it was new.
Verdict: TOSSING IT!

Midsummer Dreams Apothecary Aphrodite (General Catalog): Vanilla, white musk, rose, honeycomb, sweet cream, honeysuckle.
This has not aged well. Vanilla and rose for sure, with something vaguely sour and musty in the background. Plasticky element to it. I’m so bummed because this was a favorite and the perfumery is now closed.
Verdict: TOSSING IT!

Black Violet Affogato (General Catalog): Buttery vanilla drowned in espresso, burnt sugar & a drizzle of amaretto liqueur.
Exactly as described! Smells like a delicious spiked coffee, or a fancy coffee cocktail. Dark roast coffee + Frangelico, yum!
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Black Violet Snow White Tea (General Catalog): Chilled white tea kissed by juicy, red apples.
I was obsessed with this scent eons ago and it has always been a favorite.  I’ve used up most of a 10ml rollerball!  Now, it’s still the same cold apple scent with a bit of soapiness — but there’s a slight mustiness to it now. It’s not quite the same scent I love so out it must go!
Verdict: TOSSING IT!

Black Violet Valley of the Temples (General Catalog): Resinous amber, Asian oud wood, calming cedarwood, exotic ambrette seed, fresh rosemary, dark olibanum, patchouli, black musk, orchid and jasmine petals.
This is still a lovely scent.  All of the wood and musks are lifted by the rosemary.  The florals are barely there, as is the patchouli.  This is woodsy and herbal yet incredibly fresh.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Black Violet Paper Dolls (General Catalog): A vintage lactonic with comforting rice milk, pure white musk, sweet cream, and the lightly powdered warmth of her skin.
This is one of the scents that prompted me to make my first order from Black Violet; the IMAM community on reddit was all about this and it sounded so amazing!  And it was… but now, the smell is pretty much gone. All I get is a faint hint of milk and musk.
Verdict: TOSSING IT!

Friday, 06/16

Haus of Gloi First Blush (Valentine’s 2016): Tahitian vanilla bean, white tea, lavender and peach.
This one is pretty simple and straightforward: vanilla, lavender, and peach.  I don’t get much of the white tea and this isn’t too heavy on the lavender. Reminds me of Arcana Fille de Joie minus the super sweet marshmallow note!
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Haus of Gloi Haus Birthday (Haus Birthday 2016): Wild Cascadian huckleberries, butter cream frosting, clove spiced cake and wisps of incense all grounded into a base of our Haus Amber.
Tart berries with clove and incense and just a hint of icing. As it dries, the amber comes out more. I love the combo of the pucker-worthy berries and rich notes.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Haus of Gloi Imp (General Catalog): Passion fruit, sun cured apricots, pink grapefruit juice and whispers of wet mimosa blooms.
This is probably my favorite HOG scent, especially for the summer.  At one point, I had all the Imp-flavored products: hair oil, scrub, whipped soap, lotion, perfume oil. It’s fruity and sweet and bright! A nice simple blend of apricot and passionfruit. This is sun-ripened sweetness!
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Haus of Gloi Moon Dog (General Catalog): Pure cracked coconut, dry sandalwood essence, heated with nutmeg and clove.
This is another staple scent for me.  Again, simple but well-done.  This is exactly as described! The nutmeg and clove add amazing warmth to coconut and sandalwood.
Verdict: KEEPING IT!

Violette Market The Ring Mistress (Autumn 2015): Bold Red Mandarin, sexy black vanilla, fuchsia pink plum, pale pink carnation, sultry golden amber incense, sassy ginger cookies, mysterious dark wood, and piercing neon green lilac.
Everything kind of blends into something vaguely resembling cherry cola. If I sniff deeply enough, I get amber incense, vanilla, and a slight fruitiness. It smells delicious but I do wish it had a bit more oomph; it’s so faint.
Verdict: TOSSING IT!