Scent of the Day: BPAL I Too Beneath Your Moon

For those who don’t follow me on Instagram, I’ve been working on a perfume challenge for the past few months which entails testing out every single one of my perfume oils.  I’ve been going through each brand and I’m currently reviewing all of my perfumes from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL).

BPAL is one of those brands that I’ve always admired but, until recently, couldn’t really get my arms around.  The catalog is massive with a lot of very complex notes; imps (aka samples) are available to purchase for most general items and there are plenty of decanters to be found for limited edition scents. The following for BPAL is immense and intensely loyal, which adds another level of intimidation when approaching the brand for the first time. I finally sucked up the courage and bought a giant bundle of BPAL imps from someone on reddit and fell down the rabbit hole.

Today’s scent is I Too Beneath Your Moon from the 2017 Lupercalia release: Vanilla cream, white patchouli, French lavender, bergamot, and apple.

BPAL I Too Beneath Your Moon

Right off the bat, I smell a fresh red apple, skin and all, and lavender.  I have a love/hate with lavender and it usually turns into fancy French soap; however, this lavender has a bit more of a lemon note that plays really well with the apple. A lush-but-not-too-sweet creamy vanilla note softens it all into a very wearable scent.  I’m not sure what white patchouli smells like on its own but there is definitely a light hint of that familiar incense note; it’s really well balanced since my skin tends to amp up patchouli like crazy! I really like this and I’m glad I found a wearable lavender perfume.  My only complaint is that this doesn’t last long; I’m not sure if it’s my skin eating it up because of the vanilla or it’s just something inherent to the blend.

Verdict: KEEPING IT! While the scent fades pretty quickly, I’m enjoying the bright blend of lavender, apple, and cream.